you never know.

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Qu’il est bizarre de trouver son double, son sosie, sa jumelle d’esprit.

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It’s not even late, yet i feel like i should call this late night blogging. 

things are sorta gaining equilibrium agains, so you can say that i’m happy.

glasses turned up - official four eyed nerd status unlocked.

seeing my main man more which is awesome for me. especially since he’s going for a good 2….maybe 3 months later this year. Going to die later in the year over that, loneliness wise. ALLL THE CUDDLES FOR ME PLOX

and had my first fun night out with my bestie in ages, god it was good. 

life has a habit of making everything else happen that you don’t want to happen first, before all the things you want to happen, happen. (too much happen it doesn’t even sound like a word to me anymore)


Ghost rolled in some sidewalk chalk.

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